Best PCD Pharma Franchise in INDIA

We are talking about Best PCD Pharma Franchise in INDIA, first of all you have to knowing about Industries operate on the basis of products, target consumers and geographical reach. Each industry, in turn comprises numerous firms. In India, many businesses are based on pure monopoly, like Automobiles, Networking, Telephone and water companies (public monopoly). In Monopoly market, the seller faces no competition, as he is the individual seller of goods with no close substitute.

best pcd pharma franchise in India

He enjoys the power of setting the price for his goods. The single industry player control all resources and technology and blocks potential competitors from entering the industry. Monopolies are public and private. Public monopolies serve the general public and their primary goals is not profit maximization.

Whereas private business monopolies are big companies, mostly multinationals having profit orientation approach as their primary aim. franchise of PCD pharma is one of them, it comprises a single producer or supplier of a product or a service that has no close substitute.

About Pharma Franchise business in India

PCD stands for Propaganda cum distributions in pharmaceuticals industry and is a desired concept which has taken the pharma industry by a storm. pharma franchise of PCD authorizes one with marketing and distribution right on monopoly basis. In order to sell pharma products produced by a certain company.

You will need to obtain the PCD franchise of the respective company. In this way it offers you an exclusive right to sale and purchase to make some good profits in return.

In pharmaceutical company, they provide these products at affordable rates which can be sold at a competitive price, which in turn can help you earn good amount of money.

What is the need of Our PCD Pharma Franchise in India?

Around the world, cardiovascular disease has become a pervasive cause of morbidity and a leading contributor to mortality in most country. According to Indian heart association, India will soon have the highest number of heart disease cases in the world. Therefore, We set itself forth to fight and conquer this threat.

Thus presenting Porduct healthcare which provides a wide range of products expertise in Cardio and diabetic drugs and formulations. Porduct healthcare is a division of We biotech Pvt. Ltd. providing a persistent supply of the finest quality finished formulation to markets in every corner of the country.

Porduct healthcare products are manufactured with well equipped manufacturing infrastructure consisting of modern GMP certified facility. Porduct healthcare comes up with an influential marketing experience through its wide range of CARDIAC products. 

Privileges of being a franchise of Porduct healthcare –

Cardio and diabetic has become a major healthcare problem in India with an estimated 67 million people suffering from the condition. The risk of heart disease increase around the age of 55 in women and 45 in men. Every third person in India is suffering from cardio and diabetic diseases.

The rising burden of diabetes has greatly affected the health care sector. By 2030, India will have the largest number of patients in the world. This way India will soon be known as a capital of cardio vascular diseases of the world. Therefore sets itself forth to fight and to make India free from cardiovascular diseases.

  • We is well identified by major drug magazines like CIMS, IDR, Drug index, Pharma Biz, Drug today, Medical darpan, Pharma pulse along with digital advertisement support in Zee Network.
  • Annual target incentive.
  • Monthly promotional schemes.
  • We provides sample, visual aids, LBL, reminder card, visiting card, order book, MR bags, ASM bags, Pad, gift articles for better hold in market.
  • Our Company offers best quality pharma products list at Low Price Rate
  • We had built a strong foundation of mutual respect and thus has established our self as a strong brand in the market.
  • Our Company is thrusting on introducing new molecules in the market place.
  • Our Company never compromise with its ethical and transparent dealing with all its associates.
  • We has good tie ups with doctor, hospital and healthcare professional.
  • Our Company offers best monopoly right to its associates.
  • Best in class product packaging.

Why choose us ?

We biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed pharmaceutical company listed as one of the top leading PCD pharma franchise in India.

Our Company have more than 1000 products covering all formulations along with 10+ divisions and a family of 600+ happy distributors nationwide.

We already have a vast business associate network nationwide with a wide product range and thus has established our self as a strong brand in the market. Our Company enjoy an excellent credibility among our esteemed customers, Stockist, Distributor and promise you to deliver our experience, expertise and enterprise at your disposal.

A relentless commitment to quality is our promise to you and can guarantee our products to meet the highest quality parameters that you expect from us.

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