Pcd Companies in Bihar

There are tons of Pharma franchise companies also known as Pharma pcd companies. These pcd’s helps to improve distribution of leading pharma drugs and medicine in different Indian states for health and family welfare. Which create a lot of impact on health of the people and can reduce disease, illness or injury.



Irene Pharma one of top most pcd companies in India  and are using latest technologies to formulate their products. Thus so, they issue pcd pharma franchise for distribution of drugs, medicine, capsules, herbal products, ointments, soaps, syrups and has formed an expert team for quality assurance of products for the well-being of people and based in Gujrat(Ahemdabad).

Website: www.irenepharma.com
Phone: +91 9429774410


Fossil Remedies  is another leading supplier of medicinal products in India and is providing excellent pharma pcd business for distribution of excellent medicine products. Which will definitely lead to health and society improvement. Dealing in Anti-Bacterial, Appetite Stimulants, Anti-Acidic, Soaps, Analgesics, Relaxants and whole variety of products also packaging their products in waterproof bags. Following ethical policies and has received lot of firm excellence awards.

You can check their portfolio on given link:

Website: www.fossilremedies.com
Phone: +91 8000033222


Progressive Life Care under top 10 pcd pharma companies in India they are providing good quality products and pcd pharma franchise so that they can improve the quality of human life in nearby areas. They offer variety of pharma product. They are constantly improving their products to compete with top pcd pharma companies.

Website: www.progressivelifecare.com
Phone: 9824382041


Tesni Pharma is in pcd industry from last ten years they know what is going in market. Carrying an effective team and have business chance in pcd pharma sector with a great deal of pharma drugs in their list. ISO verified and they are taking all the measures to meet international standards like workflow for well-being of environment and health.

Website: www.tesnipharma.in
Phone: 98244 43968


Radico remedies  is founded by Dr. K.S Sawhney. They were established in 1981. Firm adapted prime quality methods and growing budget medicine. Spreading products for government in other countries and is one of the popular pcd pharma franchise offering company. There company is ISO verified and pursue WHO standards also have GMP certificates on their products

Website: www.radicoremedies.com
Phone: 0120-4292118



Frank medilink is also pcd franchise company they are contributing variety of products in Indian market for the health of people. It is an ISO verified business and have have different department for client needs and services. They are giving chance to join their pcd franchise services as well as purchase power of different pharma products.

Website: www.frankmedilink.in
Phone: + 91 9687699880



As we speak of Mankind pharma. It is also one of the leading companies and is ISO verified. Firm has experience of more than 30 years in pharma industry and produces top medicine and products and were established in 1986. Acquired lot of companies over the years and are present over international areas.

Website: www.mankindpharma.com
Phone: (+91)-11-46541111


Ronish bioceuticals is also included in the list as they are ISO verified and have firm managed by people with decade of pharma experience and all of their products are WHO compliant and with international packaging. They are located in Northern part of the country Ambala.  It is leaded by Varesh Khanna.

Website: www.ronishbio.com
Phone: +91 9416021934


Cubit Healthcare are increasing their products day by day. Produce more than 350 products. Their motive is to become supreme PCD pharma franchise firm and are stepping forward to reach their goals. Established in 2002 so they have experience of more than 15+ years in their hand.


Vibcare pharma are emerging as top pharma. Taking their responsibilities seriously. Thus so, they are moving slowly and carefully. Regularly providing top medicines and exporting their products in different African markets.

Website: www.vibcare.co.in


pcd companies



These pcd companies will help you to choose pharma franchise for your business. If you have any further question please let us know.

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